Kadokawa Anime’s official YouTube channel has started streaming a brand new animated short for Re:Zero. This new animated short features Roswaal gathering his household, AKA the Emilia Faction. It then leads to Rem, Ram, and Subaru cooking up something in the kitchen. But when Emilia walks in and asks what they’re doing, Rem tells her love rival that they’re doing an O-V-A.

Don’t you just want to protect Rem’s smile after that? Yes, even though she’s a demon with monstrous strength and some magical powers. They actually debuted that video during last weekend’s MF Bunko J Summer School Festival 2017 event. And yes, the video does confirm we’re getting a new Re:Zero OVA.

However, they still haven’t revealed what this OVA will be all about.  What the event did confirm is that WHITE FOX is returning to animate this new OVA. Other than that, the OVA’s details still remain a mystery. It seems that the staff didn’t announce much details, and will announce more in the future.