Kenichi Suzumura appears in the Ajin: Demi-human TV anime and anime film series as Sokabe. And now, with the new Ajin live-action film premiering later this month, it seems that Suzumura is also part of it. This is because he actually appears in the film as TV announcer Noriaki Iwashimizu.

He will be appearing throughout the film as he reports what is going on. And he’s not the only seiyuu appearing in this manga-based film. Mamoru Miyano, who voices protagonist Kei in the anime, will be voicing live-action Kei’s IBM (Invisible Black Matter). He’ll also act as the film’s narrator.

And speaking of Kenichi Suzumura, he’ll once again be working alongside Takeru Satoh, who plays Kei in the film. The two previously worked together Kamen Rider Den-O, where Satoh played protagonist Ryotaro Nogami, while Suzumura voiced the Imagin Ryutaros. What’s more is that Suzumura’s own younger brother, Masaki, works as an assistant director under Katsuyuki Motohiro.

Takeru Sato plays the immortal Ajin, Kei Nagai and he’ll be facing off against Go Ayano, who plays the film’s antagonist, Satoh. Filming wrapped up last 10 January 2017, with the film premiering in Japan on 30 September 2017. There are also several changes from the original source manga. One of them is the fact that Kei won’t be a high school student, but a medical intern. There’s also the fact that the film portrays Satoh to be much more younger-looking. Both the manga and anime, as well as other works, portray Satoh as a grizzled old man.

Gamon Sakurai’s original manga follows Kei Nagai, a high school student who suddenly dies after a vehicular accident. However, he turns out to be an Ajin, an immortal demi-human that the government is experimenting on. Because of this, he now has to run from the government. However, things get more complicated when an Ajin named Satoh gets involved.

Source: Comic Natalie