Seiyuu Rie Takahashi has had a stellar year back in 2016, with roles such as Re:Zero’s Emilia and KonoSuba’s Megumin. And because of those characters, she’s been getting more and more twitter followers. And now, she has reached the 250,000 milestone, and the seiyuu showed that she can also draw as thanks. In her twitter page, she posted posted her sketch of her anime characters as a thank you for her fans. Now, can you name all of them? Besides Emilia and Megumin of course!

While she was starting out her career, she voiced a few extras, such as Student A and Schoolgirl B. It looks like she included them in the image as well. And then, she received her first breakthrough role as Futaba Ichinose in Sore Ga Seiyuu. In fact, her role as Futaba pretty much reflected her early struggles, so she also included her in the sketch.

She also included a few of her other big roles such as Knights & Magic’s Ernesti, as well as Fate/Grand Order’s Shielder. She also sketched Keijo!!!!!!!!’s Rin, as well as PreCure’s Mirai Asahina.

So, which Rie Takahashi role is your favorite? And what do you guys think of her drawing skills?