Afterb revealing their Cool Japan Attractions for next year, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has revealed their plans for Final Fantasy. The Osaka-based theme park has announced their new Final Fantasy XR ride, which combines the 3D world with Virtual Reality.

This means this ain’t a simulator ride, but an actual physical roller coaster. However, as people ride this roller coaster, they will be wearing VR headsets and experience both physical and virtual thrills. Square Enix’s Visual Works division is working on the ride as part of the collaboration with USJ.

Riders can get to enjoy 360 degrees of the various Final Fantasy worlds, as the ride combines all the FF games. This means that they may get to see Cloud, Lightning, and other classic Final Fantasy characters. What’s more is that Yoshitaka Amano, a Final Fantasy legend, is even the one responsible for the ride’s logo.

According to the theme park’s official website, Cool Japan will return with new attractions on 19th January. However, they will only feature Monster Hunter, Detective Conan, and Final Fantasy during that time. Sailor Moon will then open its Cool Japan attraction in Spring 2018.

Much like previous Cool Japan exhibitions, Universal Studios Japan will only be offering them for a limited time. Visitors can only catch these attractions until 24 June 2018.

The theme park’s Cool Japan line-up previously featured some of Japan’s most popular titles like Resident Evil. Hey, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu even got her own attraction for Cool Japan!

Source: 4Gamer