Japanese towns, cities, and prefectures are doing a lot of promotions for their tourism. For example, Kumamoto Prefecture promotes tourism with their mascot, Kumamon, while Chichibu promotes tourism with the AnoHana anime. As for Akashi city in Hyogo prefecture, they’re doing something a bit different, and it’s thanks to a new song by Vocaloid GUMI and seiyuu Mami Kingetsu.

Titled “Akashi no A-Ka-Shi”, the song promotes the city’s sights, people, and of course, FOOD! The video also featured some of the city’s most famous sites, including Akashi Castle, Akashi Municipal Planetarium, Akashi Kaikyou Bridge, the Uontana or Fish Shelf, and the Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine. The video then ends with credits featuring old black and white photos of the city. And having a seiyuu sing its theme song together with a popular Vocaloid character certainly helps.

As for Mami Kingetsu, the seiyuu proudly shows that she’s from Akashi City herself. She voiced Elena from GunXSword, as well as Mrs Merry Christmas from One Piece. She also voiced Star Ocean EX’s Celine Jules and Ganma Wars’ Namie and Non. Kingetsu also did plenty of video game voice acting, with roles including Xiangfei Li from King of Fighters.

Source: Akashi Tourism Association