The Wake Up, Girls are back wth a brand new season titled Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou. Now, the anime’s official website has revealed a brand new PV, which reintroduces us to the lovable idol group from Saitama.

The video also previews the anime’s OP song, “7 senses” by the Wake Up, Girls! themselves. As the video suggests, the girls are slowly moving up the ladder and are gathering more fans. However, they still have plenty of trials in order to reach their goals as top idols.

As for this new anime itself, it will premiere on 9th October over at several channels, including TV Tokyo and Sendai Broadcasting. The PV also revealed that it will be getting online streaming in Japan via several sites. These include animeteleto, d Anime Store, Anime Houdai/U-NEXT, and JCOM+KDDI. Streaming will begin on 13th October. Aside from the Wake Up, Girls, the new season will also introduce a new idol group called Run Girls, Run!. The group will include three members, Koko Hayashi as Ayumi Hayashi, Yuuka Morishima as Otome Morishima, and finally, Nanami Atsugi as Itsuka Atsugi.

Yutaka “Yamakan” Yamamoto, who created the series and served as the first anime’s director has already left the franchise for unexplained reasons. However, fret not, as Berserk’s Shin Itagaki will be taking over as director. And with Yamamoto’s Ordet going out of business,  Millepensee will now be taking over the animation production.