The “Wake Up, Girls!” are returning with a new season titled “Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter”. And to celebrate, members Mayu Yoshioka, Miyu Takagi, Minami Tanaka, and Kaya Okuno attended a special live event. Anime director Shin Itagaki also attended, and appeared alongside the seiyuu on stage.

But while the girls talked about the new anime and what to expect, the director took a more technical tone. He revealed that the new season will feature “advancements in idol anime technology”, as well as the use of 3DCG animation in the idol performances. These advances include the use of motion capture technology to record the WUG members’ dance routines. The use of motion capture would really show that the seiyuu and their respective characters are truly in sync. In fact, seiyuu Minami Tanaka added that this would allow the girls’ own individual styles to stand out. This means that fans would get to see in the anime what the seiyuu would normally do in their various live events.

As for the scripts, Itagaki said that it allows the cast members more freedom to ad-lib. The five of them also revealed a new Wake Up, Girls live in Shanghai on 18th November at the Bandai Namco Shanghai Base. They also revealed that each member of the Wake Up, Girls will also be launching their own line of perfumes. There will be a total of seven new perfumes, one for each member, with pre-orders opening on 29th September.

“Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter” will premiere this 9th October 2017.

Source: Anime! Anime!