2017 is proving to be a huge year for Fullmetal Alchemist. Not only does the Hiromu Arakawa manga get a new live-action film, but also a special art exhibition. It will boast over 100 manga works from Arakawa herself, as well as storyboards and key animation drawings from the anime. It also has a killer key visual which features some of the manga’s most beloved characters.

Now, a new video shows how they will pull this “Fullmetal Alchemist Art Exhibition” visual off:

The new Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition will not only look at the anime and manga, but the live-action film as well. In fact, they will be displaying several costumes which the cast wore for the film.

Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo will first show the exhibition from 16th September until 29th October. It will then move to Osaka Bay Area ATC Museum from 3rd-30th November 2017. Like most anime exhibitions, it will also be selling several Fullmetal Alchemist merchandise as well.