The manga industry has now lost one of its rising stars. Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki mangaka, Yuu, who has been battling health problems since May, has now passed away due to Heart Failure. According to her husband, the mangaka has passed away last 1 July 2017 while being treated for an unspecified illness. According to her husband, she has been receiving treatment for an unspecified health problem she’s been suffering from since May. He has been gradually improving, however, it was revealed that her heart failure had nothing to do with that illness.

Yuu has dreamed of becoming a mangaka since she was little, and has been drawing since childhood. She realised her dream when Wolf Children director, Mamoru Hosoda, approached her and asked to provide the artwork for the film’s manga. Her husband noted that her parents have been telling him stories that she has always been drawing as a kid.

After her stint as the Wolf Children mangaka, she also worked on other manga, including Go-Jikan-me no Sensou and Sayonara, Mata ne. The latter, which means “Farewell, See You Later” in English, is a bit fitting.

Her husband stated that working on manga has been hard for her, but she still enjoyed it because she loved it. She also enjoyed appearing in doujin events where she directly interacted with readers. Her husband also stated that she would draw strength from her fans despite her poor health. He then thanked all her fans for their support. Here are some of her beautiful artworks:

Rest in peace Yuu-sensei.

Source: Otakomu