Some PC rigs feature superhero themes, while some even feature GunPla and anime figures. However, one Japanese PC rig builder has caught the attention of Japanese social media for one addition: MIKU! The virtual diva highlights twitter user @ippupu_ava‘s PC rig. But if it’s just Miku, why did it become very popular? Well… let’s just say Miku is dancing inside its side panel.



The dancing Miku has gotten twitter users scratching their heads on how the PC gamer pulled it off. According to the owner:

 “We made the LED panel transparent. We used an optical illusion with the video and inner parts of the PC to make it look like she’s dancing inside.”

This modded PC rig became so popular that it’s currently on tour around Japan! Osaka’s PC Store 1’s recently displayed the rig, and it’s still getting tons of attention.


Here’s another video of Miku dancing in the side panel:


The panel is certainly a marvel to watch, but all I’m asking are what games did its owner install?

source: Sora News 24