Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece has recently teamed up with the city of Kyoto for a special city-wide event. This includes an exhibition over at the Daikaku-ji, a Buddhist temple which is also one of Kyoto’s biggest tourist attractions. Now, this temple exhibition also features a gigantic One Piece artwork featuring Luffy and a Nue. It’s so big that to see the big picture, you need to go high up…

Officially titled “One Piece 20th x KYOTO Kyoto Straw Travel Journal: Another Country of Wano”, the event will be launching next week. It will include a special exhibition titled “ONE PIECE ART NUE Daikaku-ji ‘Majuu to Hime to Chikai no Hana'”, which includes a few Eiichiro Oda artworks featuring traditional Japanese styles. One of the things which will stand out is his artwork featuring a youkai tied to the city of Kyoto, which is the Nue.

It will also feature several traditional calligraphy, ink paintings, picture scrolls, and nishiki-e, but with a One Piece theme. The exhibition itself also tells the story of Tratz, an escaped prisoner who eats a certain Devil Fruit. This Devil Fruit then turns him into a Nue.

The city itself will also be hosting a few other One Piece-related activities from 7th-22nd October, Kyoto. This includes a “Kyotoshiyakushomae Station Wanted Poster Section”, as well as Straw Hats popping up in several areas. Luffy will be appearing in Kyoto Station, while people can find Zoro at the Mibu-dera temple. Usopp will be hiding inside the Kyoto International Manga Museum, while Sanji is at Nikenchaya. Nami will be over at the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line, while Chopper will be at Shogoin Yatabashi “nikiniki”. Robin and Franky will be at Nijo Castle, and Brook will be at Kurumazaki shrine. Each of these locations will be distributing exclusive souvenirs, posters, and other goodies.

Source: MaidigiTV