C3 AFA Singapore is bringing all fans of anime, cosplay, and anisong from all over the region to the sunny shores of Singapore on the 24th to the 27th of Novembers 2017! In what has become the gold standard for Japanese pop culture events in South East Asia, fans should brace themselves for a massive exhibition hall, exciting special guests, and a rocking 3-day I Love Anisong concert!

As C3 AFA Singapore reveals its full slate, check out the extensive list of five-star performers from Japan! With a little bit of rock, a little bit of pop, and a whole lot of talent, check out the complete line up of performers for all three days of the I Love Anisong concert! So grab those tickets while you still can!

24 November 2017 – FRIDAY

AFA Idol Showcase: NOGIZAKA46

C3 AFA Singapore 2017’s AFA Idol Showcase will feature one of the biggest girl groups in Japan today: the incomparable NOGIZAKA46! 乃木坂46 (NOGIZAKA46) was first announced in 2011, where it was originally positioned as the “official rival” to AKB48. The group then made their debut in 2012, with the debut single reaching 2nd place on the Oricon ranking chart.

Every other single released since then has topped the Oricon charts. The group has also released 3 full albums, which have also topped the Oricon charts. Their appearance at C3 AFA Singapore will mark their first ever performance in Singapore, and is something not to be missed.


Celebrating their 15th anniversary as a group, FLOW returns to the I Love Anisong stage! Originally formed in 1993 by TAKE and his older brother/vocalist KOHSHI, the band was named FLOW in 1998 and evolved into its current line-up in 2000, after bassist GOT’S, another vocalist KEIGO and drummer IWASAKI joined the group.

In April 2004, “GO!!!” was chosen as the opening song for the popular anime series Naruto. The song became an instant hit and the first of over 20 anime theme songs that FLOW would create, including Beelzebub, Code Geass, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Durarara!!x2 Ketsu, Eureka SeveN, Heroman, Naruto: Shippuuden, Persona Trinity Soul, Samurai Flamenco, and Tales of Zestiria the X.

Shiena Nishizawa

Making her C3 AFA Singapore debut, put your hands together for the talented young rocker Shiena Nishizawa! Shiena fell in love with music in middle school, when she laid hands on her father’s old guitar. That interest expanded from not just guitar, but also into singing/songwriting.

Before she knew it, she began dreaming of singing on a large stage. In 2014, she won the grand prize at the Flying Dog Audition (a popular singing contest). In 2015, her debut song, “Fubuki”, was the ending theme for the television anime “Fleet Girls Collection (KanColle)”, and was released as a single that same year. She was 17 at the time.

Tomohisa Sako

Making his way to the C3 AFA Singapore I Love Anisong stage for the first time ever is the talented and charismatic Tomohisa Sako! In 2010, he started performing music online, as “少年T” (Shounen T), as it was snowing heavily and he couldn’t perform on the streets. His music received positive response, and soon he was called “the God with the healing voice.”

In 2015, his sing Gettabanban was chosen as the opening theme song of the television anime, Pocket Monster XY. He was also the comprehensive producer of Pocket Monster XY&Z. His latest single, “Floria” is the opening theme song of the TV anime, Natsume’s Book of Friends.

Opening Act: Iris

Getting the show on the road as Friday’s opening act is multilingual Malaysian talent Iris, who recently sang the ending theme to Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion! Born in Malaysia, she’s able to converse in Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Malay, English as well as Japanese. In 2012, she started as a singing as well as acting activites in Malaysia.

In 2016, she became a hot topic of discussion after the completion of a television program featuring here hitchhiking across Japan. After that she was selected to be the image character of Kose’s Sekisui brand, and also performed the theme song for the same commercial that she was featured in for her debut.

25 November 2017 – SATURDAY


For the first time ever, ClariS will be performing overseas at C3 AFA Singapore 2017 I Love Anisong concert! The unit name ClariS refers to a Latin word meaning “bright”, “clean”, and “glorious”. ClariS was first featured in 2010 when the duo consisted of Clara and then-member Alice, in an issue of anime music magazine LisAni! in a special coverage and on its attached CD.

The coverage caught the eye of the producer of TV anime Oreimo (Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai), who went on to handpick the rookie to take on its opening theme. After their meteoric debut, they continue to release singles, with several tie-ins to TV anime such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Nisemonogatari, Moyashimon Returns Oreimo (Season 2), each contributing to build a solid fan base mainly among anime fans.

Konomi Suzuki

Returning to Singapore for the second consecutive year, let’s give it up for the lovely and talented Konomi Suzuki! Konomi Suzuki first burst onto the anisong scene when she received first prize at the All Japan Anime Song Grand Prix. She made her debut with the song “CHOIR JAIL”, and has since made four consecutive appearances at “Animelo Summer Live” — the biggest anime-song festival in Japan.

She also sang various TV animation main theme songs, and sang “This game”, opening theme song of TV anime No-Game, No-Life, and “Redo”, opening theme song of TV anime Re:Zero. She will be releasing 3 more songs in 2017 — we’re already looking forward to that very much!


Get ready to rock the roof off as nano takes to the stage for the second time at I Love Anisong 2017! Born in New York, America. A bilingual singer with a powerful and unique voice, nano wields both Japanese and English in a native fashion. Posting English covers of Japanese music immediately received attention on video sites such as YouTube, and fans increased around the world.

In 2017, nano marked her 5th year anniversary since her debut, and conducted a ‘5th Anniversary Tour “The Crossing”’ going around 5 various places in Japan, and 2 places overseas. With nano’s YouTube’s original contents reaching over 70 million views, fans continue to grow worldwide, as this singing voice knows no boarders.


TRUE is an Anisong writer, composer, and radio personality, active in various parts of entertainment. She started her singing career with a single produced by Satoshi Shimano. In March 2001, her third single “Way to Love” was chosen as a drama theme song and was a smash hit selling 300 thousand copies.

She has sung various Anime theme songs, including the opening theme song of Buddy Complex. From strong and intense music to grand ballads, she has a good command of the various singing styles. In 2015, she started her very first program, ‘~TRUE no Omotenashi Radio~ Tsurumatsuyae Yokoso’, where she talks about Anime as an Anime fan herself.

Opening Act: Moso Calibration

Revving up the crowd on the Saturday edition of I Love Anisong 2017 is the bright and bubbly Moso Calibration! Moso Calibration (sometimes abbreviated as Mo-Cali) is an idol unit from Akihabara Dear Stage, where groups such as Dempagumi.inc hail from. After making their major debut from Sony Music Records in June 2016, Mo-Cali has released four singles including “Geki-Yaba ∞ Bokkaan!!”, the closing theme of TV anime Time Bokan 24!

Starting April this year, they will take on the closing theme of TV anime Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend which will be a part of Fuji TV’s Noitamina series. The tie-in tune and 5th single “Sakura-iro Diary” will be released June 14!

26 November 2017 – SUNDAY

Special Screening: EGOIST

In a very special one-off event, check out a special screening of the EGOIST Exhibition! Born through the TV anime “Guilty Crown”, EGOIST is a fictional artiste produced by ryo(supercell). The vocalist, chelly, is a songstress selected from an audition of over 2000 people. Of all the released CDs to date, all of them have ended the Oricon weekly charts in the Top 10.

Aside from “Guilty Crown”, EGOIST has performed the theme song for the PSYCHO-PASS franchise, Project Itoh’s “The Empire of Corpses”, “Harmony” and “Genocidal Organ”, as well as “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” and “Fate/Apocrypha”.


fripSide makes a triumphant return to Singapore with the 2017 edition of the I Love Anisong Concert! fripSide was formed in 2002, by Satoshi Yaginuma also known as “sat”, who has been on the quest for innovative synthesizer sounds, and catchy melody.

In 2009, Yoshino Nanjo joined fripSide as a vocalist, and they released their first ever single, ‘only my railgun’, which was the opening theme song of the television anime ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’, leaving the anime scene with positive impact. They have been creating hit music ever since, releasing singles such as ‘sister’s noise’, for the television anime, the theme song to ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun S’, which successfully ranked number one on the Oricon charts.

Luce Twinkle Wink☆

For the first time ever, the bright and bubbly Luce Twinkle Wink☆ make their I Love Anisong debut at C3 AFA Singapore 2017! Consisting of members, Yukino Usami, Saki Fukasawa, Megumi Nishikiori, Saori Itayama, Kaho Higaki, with a cute and passionate dancing style, Luce Twinkle Wink☆ aims to bring a sparkly and eye catching stage performance. In October 2015, the group had their major debut with the song, ‘Koi Iro ♡ Shikou Kairo’.

The members accomplished their goal of singing an anime theme song, when their second single, ‘1st Love Story’ was chosen as the opening theme song of the television anime, ‘And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online??’ In March 2017, they released another ending theme song, ‘go to Romance>>>>>’ for the television anime, ‘Urara Meirochou’.

Mashiro Ayano

Back in Singapore for ILA 2017 is the memorable Japanese songstress Mashiro Ayano! Born in Toyako, Hokkaido, Mashiro Ayano is a singer that currently lives in Sapporo, Hokkaido. With songs and messages that reach their listeners’ hearts, and a resolute voice resounding with clarity.

Mashiro has been attracting new listeners ever since she started her career. In October 2014, Mashiro made her debut with the opening theme song, ‘Ideal White’, of the television anime, ‘Fate/stay night’. After that, she has also sung the theme songs of many other television anime such as ‘Gunslinger Stratos’ and ‘D.Gray-man HOLLOW’.


Much-beloved by South East Asian fans since her first appearance at C3 AFA Singapore, May’n is back for another powerful performance at I Love Anisong! Although her artiste name “May’n” was originally derived from her real name, she has always had the desire in her heart to be able to “become the main theme of everyone’s lives and sing for them”. May’n has performed the theme songs for multiple TV anime, dramas and movies.

Her latest single entitled “One in a Billion” is a collaboration with the girl group Wake Up, Girls!, and is the theme for “Isekai Shokudou”. May’n will also be releasing her fifth studio album entitled “PEACE of SMILE” on the 18th of October 2017. Her ever-powerful and stunning voice will continue to capture the hearts of people who hear her songs, not just within Japan but all over the world.

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24 – 27 November 2017
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

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