Today’s figure photography spotlight is the 4th original character Alice from Kotobukiya‘s Cu-poche Friends series, joining Anne, Elle, and Cherie.


Cu-poche Friends line is a series that is designed to have the same features as their Cu-poche series. What sets it apart from the regular Cu-poche is that the characters are using real fabric clothing that you can take them off and put on other outfits which are something that I love.

Alice comes with an adorable old fashioned blue dress and lots of accessories including leggings, petticoat, apron, pendant and a pair of nice shoes.

Cu-poche Alice’s feet and shoes got magnets on them so you can pose her with extra stability. One of the best features of Cu-poche is their articulation which allows you to pose them creatively and in different cute ways. However, due to the length of her hair, it lessens the range of her movement.

I love how her leg joints can bend enough so she can get a sitting pose. You can get her sit like in one of those scenes where she’s having a tea party. Alice only comes in with one face expression, good thing I have other Cu-poche figures so I was able to borrow some of their face plates for Alice during the photo shoot.

Looking at Cu-poche Alice, you can recreate some of the scenes from the popular animated cartoon, movie or make an Alice in Wonderland inspired room just like what I am sharing you today.

I made a DIY Alice in Wonderland inspired room for my figure photography with Cu-poche Alice. The miniature room contains tiny details and references from the original story which you can see on the video.

Be sure to watch the video so you can also learn some creative way in making a miniature room for you Cu-poche Alice. The key is to be patient and creative.