After Luffy and Sanji faced off for their own One Piece TV special, it’s Dragon Ball’s turn to get that 1-hour program this time. This Dragon Ball Super TV special won’t just feature plenty of action, but also a brand new theme song. Singer Kiyoshi Hikawa will be performing “Genkai Toppa × Survivor”, and they are turning him Super Saiyan as well.

The enka singer’s Super Saiyan transformation is actually for the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade card game. This is because the single CD release for his new Dragon Ball Super theme song will also include a Hero Avatar card for the game. Just one question though… why isn’t his hair standing up?

Also known as the “Prince of Enka”, Hikawa has gained plenty of fame back in Japan. He will be releasing his “Genkai Toppa × Survivor” single in Japan this 25th October. It will have a total of seven tracks, all of which are different versions of the song.

And as it turns out, Hikawa has admitted that he’s a huge Dragon Ball fan. He said that he used to sing the anime’s theme song since he was a kid. As for getting to sing a Dragon Ball theme song himself, he said that it feels “like a dream.”

Source: Animate Times