Coco Ichibanya is one of Japan’s biggest and most popular curry restaurant chains, and they definitely ain’t strangers to anime. Previously, they teamed up with such anime as Dragon Ball and Gundam, and now, they’re teaming up with Evangelion. And as part of this new collaboration, they revealed a brand new teaser visual featuring Rei Ayanami herself.

Coco Ichibanya restaurants also feature posters of Rei along with a special QR code. This new code will then lead to a brand new project which has a 17th October 2017 release date. As of now, the curry chain is still keeping quiet on what this new project is really about.

But whatever this new project is, it has something to do with Japan’s MICHIBIKI satellite system. These satellites are part of JAXA’s Quasi-Zenith Satellite System, and after the addition of a fourth satellite will become operational next year. And after they become operational, they will offer GPS services to some of Japan’s many urban areas.

Source: Anime! Anime!