Grape-kun has captured the hearts of a lot of people, and when he passed away, many were devastated. The lovable Humboldt Penguin who fell in love with his Kemono Friends counterpart has become an internet darling, so much so that his death has inspired plenty of tribute artworks. But over at his home of Tobu Zoo, they gave a much more solemn tribute with a special shrine. This also include a miniature version of Grape-kun’s waifu, Hululu:

And when news of his death broke, fans immediately flocked to Tobu Zoo. They offered flowers, as well as prayers, to the late penguin.

via @winganubis

And for those who didn’t bring flowers, the zoo also set up a sign board nearby for fans to write thank you messages.
But one of the most important people to send tribute would be Kemono Friends’ own character designer, Mine Yoshizaki. The famous illustrator provided a special illustration of Grape-kun, together with his waifu, Hululu of course!
But the biggest tribute may have almost come from the fans themselves. Recently, a group of people have been trying to raise US$5,000 in order to erect a permanent statue of Grape-kun and Hululu online via Go Fund Me.
However, they are not accepting any donations anymore, which sadly means we may not see a permanent tribute to Grape-kun in Tobu Zoo. But then again, Grape-kun will live with Hululu forever in our hearts. May he rest in Peace.