During the screenings of the first film in the Heaven’s Feel trilogy, Pressage Flower, a new video surfaced and revealed new details on the second film. According to the new announcement, the second film’s title is Fate Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel II.Lost Butterfly.

According to the reports from people who watched the first film, “Lost Butterfly” will debut sometime in 2018. However, it seems that the video didn’t really reveal any other new information.

As for the first film, Pressage Flower, it made its Japanese debut back in 14th October. It follows the Heaven’s Feel route from the original Fate/Stay Night eroge, which of course focuses on Sakura Matoh. While the Fate route dealt with Saber, the Unlimited Blade Works route focused on Rin Tohsaka.

Odex Private Limited has revealed that it will distribute the first film here in Singapore, as well as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. They will reveal more details on these countries’ releases soon.

source: 0takomu