The kitchen is promising to heat up even more as Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma San no Sara premieres this October. Now, this third season of the hit cooking anime is hyping itself up even further thanks to a brand new PV:

The video introduces us to the cooking school’s most elite students, the Council of Ten, which of course also includes Erina. It also features the anime’s OP song, “Braver” by ZAQ, as well as a lot of cooking. Do expect to go hungry or craving for food when watching this anime, ok?

This new season will pick up where the second season, Ni no Sara, previously left off. And it will not only introduce the other members of the Council of Ten, but also Azumi Nakiri, Erina’s father. San no Sara will be making its premiere this 3rd October. Here is the anime’s key visual: