It seems like the seiyuu duo of Hiro Shimono and Shintarou Asanuma kinda like dressing up in drag. The two seiyuu have their own “Bar Mama” personas, as well as a fictional bar they call “Anemate“. In the bar, Shimono is “Hiro-mama,” while Asanuma is “Asa-nee”.

Ain’t they pretty? It seems that they introduced these new personas last September, and are now prepping up for a DVD release. The two of them usually give advice to guests, as well as talk to them whenever they’re inside the bar. This time, they seem to be teasing a new DVD, with Shimono teasing that he’ll be wearing a blue dress. As for “Asu-nee,” it looks like “she” changed “her” hairstyle.

Details for this new DVD are still scarce, though the first one did sell out pretty fast when it had its release back in September. Kinda makes you curious as to what they’re planning now, huh?

Source: Nijimen