Katy Perry has gained a reputation for sporting outlandish outfits in her concerts, as well as the red carpet. In her latest performance, the singer surprised everyone as she wore a golden armor. Of course, it didn’t take long for anime fans to point out that she looks like a character from Saint Seiya.


Yeah, she certainly won’t look out of place within the classic shounen anime, huh? And in typical internet fashion, the memes also came along…

via @harawata_26

To be specific, a few fans even pointed out that she looks like Capricorn Gold Cloth.

Based on masami Kuromada’s classic Shounen Jump manga, it follows Pegasus Seiya and Athena’s 88 Saints. It went on to recieve various TV anime adaptations, figures, and even video games. Its next anime project will be for 2018, in a joint venture by Toei Animation and Netflix titled “Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya”.