It’s almost Halloween, and surely enough, everyone wants to wear a costume. And during a recent Halloween performance of Japanese TV, one Japanese boy band surprised everyone. This is because when the seven members of Kis-My-Ft2 performed during a TV program, member Miyata Toshiya cosplayed Love Live Sunshine’s Ruby Kurosawa. And he even copied some of her mannerisms too!

As the Japanese singer sang and danced in Ruby cosplay, he even flashed a “Ganba-Ruby!” to the viewers. Needless to say, people became amused because of his actions.

The performance by the Japanese boy band became so viral in Japan. So viral, that it even amused Ruby’s on seiyuu, Ai Furihata. In her tweets, she told Toshiya that they are Rubies, and also tweeted “Ganba-Ruby!” to the singer.

Source: 0takomu