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Original Text By Koji Shimizu (Seven Days War) | Photography By Matsumoto Takayuki

Luce Twinkle Wink took on the stage of Sunshine City (Tokyo, Ikebukuro) for a release event for their 4th single, 「Fight on!」 on the 6th of September. Besides performing the song that made its appearance on the stage of Animelo Summer Live (Anisama), they battled on stage with another 5 of their tie-up songs for a wonderful performance.

Although making a short performance at Anisama, they lacked no enthusiasm when it comes to trying to put a masterpiece on stage. Giving it all they had, the girls had a chance to prove themselves with their song and dance to all their fans and the participants of Anisama. Performing at such a huge scale live event was no small feat, but it is also not going to slow these girls down as they continued to bring forward the power they had from Anisama to this release event at Sunshine City.

Starting it off with the opening theme song of the anime 「Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?」, 「1st Lover Story」and the coupling song inside the new single, 「Koi no Prologue*」which lyrics were written by Maon Kurosaki. Even when viewed from afar, you can still enjoy the sharp dance moves. Having to see this at the stage continues to pull in both the crowd and fans further.

With that, they continued to introduce themselves. The leader, Usami Yukinko commented: “Having a solo release event at the fountain plaza just makes us want to do this now” as they called crowds from all levels and the sides to join in with their call and response.

The third song, 「Treasure」 which lyrics were written by Ray, was collaborated and performed at Ray’s final live a while ago. Making a great impact with their choreography, the girls continue to pierce through everyone’s hearts with their charm. As the stage continues to burn with “Moe”, they continued on with their major debut single, 「Koi-iro Shikou Kairo」.  The atmosphere continues to rise as the crowd starts cheering and doing calls.

With the second MC on stage, the leader (Usami) wished to be able to meet more new people/fans. Anisama had so much meaning to Luce as they were aiming to be the bridge between Idols and Anisong. To be given the opportunity to stand on the stage, showing everyone their determination and will to fight for this dream. This view will continue to be remembered in the hearts of everyone who has seen them performed and give them encouragement too.

The last song was the long-awaited 「Fight on!」. The girls continue to “Moe” the crowd as it comes to the end.

As spoken during the MC, the girls will be having their First Live Tour in 2018, which includes Osaka and Kawasaki.

But you will not have to fly to Japan just to catch them on stage this time… Because they are coming to Singapore for Anime Festival Asia Singapore THIS YEAR!
Along with a whole list of awesome artists!

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25 NOV : ClariS, Konomi Suzuki, Moso Calibration, TRUE
26 NOV: fripSide, Luce Twinkle Wink☆, Mashiro Ayano, May’n

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