Renowned mangaka, ONE, isn’t just responsible for One Punch Man, but also Mob Psycho 100. Now, it’s getting itself a live-action TV drama from TV Tokyo and Netflix. The Japanese broadcast giant has collaborated with the global streaming service to make this live-action adaptation possible.

So far, the staff have confirmed that Ultraman Geed’s Tatsuomi Harada will be leading the cast as Shigeo Kageyama, AKA Mob. Harada previously starred in the live-action Gatchaman film as Jinpei the Swallow. He will also be reuniting with Ultraman Geed director, Kouichi Sakamoto, who will be directing this drama series.

They have also confirmed that Fuminori Kobayashi is producing the TV drama, which will air in TV Tokyo’s 1:00 timeslot. So far, the staff haven’t revealed any plans for an international release via Netflix.

The manga received a 2016 TV anime adaptation by BONES. The adaptation received much critical success, as well as a huge fanbase. So, what do you guys think of this new live-action TV drama?

Source: Cinema Today