Renowned mangaka, ONE, isn’t just responsible for One Punch Man, but also Mob Psycho 100. Now, it’s getting itself a live-action TV drama from TV Tokyo and Netflix. The Japanese broadcast giant has collaborated with the global streaming service to make this live-action adaptation possible.

So far, the staff have confirmed that Ultraman Geed’s Tatsuomi Harada will be leading the cast as Shigeo Kageyama, AKA Mob. Harada previously starred in the live-action Gatchaman film as Jinpei the Swallow. He will also be reuniting with Ultraman Geed director, Kouichi Sakamoto, who will be directing this drama series.

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They have also confirmed that Fuminori Kobayashi is producing the TV drama, which will air in TV Tokyo’s 1:00 timeslot. So far, the staff haven’t revealed any plans for an international release via Netflix.

The manga received a 2016 TV anime adaptation by BONES. The adaptation received much critical success, as well as a huge fanbase. So, what do you guys think of this new live-action TV drama?

Source: Cinema Today