The Yahoo! sound search feature is getting a One Piece makeover of sorts. This is because the search engine is teaming up with the anime to promote the new One Piece TV anime special. That TV special, which premiered last 1st October, featured Luffy and Sanji going at it in an epic battle. And now, the Yahoo! sound search feature also has a Luffy and a Sanji variant.

If people search for the terms “Luffy ♪” or “Sanji ♪” in Yahoo! Japan, they will also get five voice recordings of these two characters. There’s also a bonus if fans search for “Luffy vs. Sanji ♪”. When they search for that term, Yahoo! Japan will play an audio of Luffy trying to get Sanji back, while Sanji himself resists.


The 1-hour TV anime special acts as the climax for the Cake Island Arc. It features an emotional battle between Luffy and Sanji that fans shouldn’t miss.

Source: Animate Times