Grape-kun, the lovable penguin that has captured the heart and imaginations of anime fans everywhere. His love for his Kemono Friends counterpart and won’t leave her side has really resonate well with fans, making them love him so much.

However, the lovable penguin recently fell ill and his health deteriorated. At 21, he’s already considered old in penguin years, and that has caused much concern for the zookeepers.

Now, his home at Tobu Zoo has announced that he has passed away after an illness.

Tobu Zoo’s keepers kept him off the display, and also took Hululu’s cut-out away as well. They originally planned to keep their most popular otaku penguin off the display until he recovers. However, it seems that his planned return will never happen.

The zoo previously planned the “Fall Grape Festival” event, which celebrates Grape-kun and his Kemono Friends waifu. They were planning to hold it from 11th-25th November, but might cancel it now that its star has now passed.

Immediately after hearing the news of Grape-kun’s deteriorating health, fans flocked to twitter to show their support:

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And now that he’s gone, the tribute artworks for the late otaku penguin have now started coming in:
However, in his twilight months, Grape-kun has done more than any anime fan could have ever thought of doing. He met his waifu’s seiyuu, Chikuko Ikuta, and even starred in a talk show with her! Rest in Peace sweet prince… he’s in the big Japari Park in the sky now, but he’ll live forever in our hearts.
 Source: Tobu Zoo Twitter official