For 30 years, Rumiko Takahashi’s classic gender-bender, Ranma 1/2, has entertained manga readers of all ages. Now, as it reaches its 3-decade milestone, THE GUEST cafe & diner is launching a special cafe menu for the series. One of its highlights is the VR recreation of the series’ “Goal o Mezase” storyline from the manga’s Volume 7. Diners can get dine on Shampoo’s ramen inside virtual reality. And the best part? Shampoo herself will be the one serving you!

Just ordering the Shampoo ramen costs 1,190 yen, but you can get the VR experience for an additional 250 yen. Diners can also get a a special renge spoon along with the ramen meal for 1,490 yen. They still have to pay an additional 250 yen for the VR experience though. The special Ranma 1/2-themed menu items also include the following dishes:

Genma Panda Cotton Candy Plate

Forbodden Springs Hot Pot

Akane’s training meal

Special Moves plate

Ukyou Okonomiyaki

Love Fortune-Telling Sakura Mochi Parfait

Ryouga… P-chan Pancake

Phoenix Fire Mont Blanc

Special Moose Flower Buns

Hot or Cold latte served with “Akane’s Animal Crackers”

Shampoo’s Happy Smoothie

Kodachi’s Black Rose Soda

Infinite Battle Fish Bowl Drink

Those who purchase these Ranma 1/2 menu items will also get these special coasters from THE GUEST cafe:

The cafe will also be selling Ukyo’s special Okonomiyaki spatula. However, it won’t be as big as the spatula which Ranma’s third fiancee owns…

THE GUEST will be kicking off the collaboration in their Shinsaibashi, Osaka cafe from 9th November until 19th December. Their Nagoya branch will then follow suit from 22nd November until 25th December. Finally, their Ikebukuro cafe will launch the menu sometime in early January.

Source: Comic Natalie