In Sailor Moon lore, the era of the Silver Millennium brought peace and prosperity to the moon Kingdom. Now, fans can get to experience this legendary era thanks to TENQ, a space museum in Tokyo Dome City. As part of the Sailor Moon franchise’s 25th (silver) anniversary, they are teaming up with TENQ for a special exhibition.

Titled “Over The Sailor Moon,” the exhibit will feature a variety of attractions and activities. It will also take a look at the Sailor Senshii’s relationshipsย from an astronomical perspective. They will also discuss ancient myths surrounding the celestial bodies, as well as provide a view of the Moon Kingdom. The other activities also include the chance to draw their favorite Sailor Moon character, as well as write messages for them.

Of course, no anime collaboration is complete without the merchandise, right? TENQ will be distributing several collaboration goodies, ranging from chocolates to a Queen Serenity tiara necklace.

The Tokyo-based Space museum will be holding the exhibition from 15 December until 15 April.

Source: Sailor Moon 25th official