The One Piece 20th anniversary celebrations continue, and this time, Japanese Watch manufacturer, Seiko, is joining in. In fact, they are making a special limited edition One Piece watch! Seiko will be making only 5,000 of these watches, which will feature a One Piece theme, including the Straw Hats’ Jolly Roger flag.

The back of the watch features a 20th anniversary logo engraving, while its front is red to symbolise Luffy. It comes with a special memorial One Piece box as well.

Seiko will be releasing these limited edition watches by late January 2018, but it certainly won’t be cheap. They will be selling it for 48,384 yen, which would certainly be a lot. The official Premico Website is now accepting pre-orders in Japan.

Seiko also previously teamed up with One Piece for the TV anime’s 15th anniversary.

Source: Press Release