Announcing 20th Anniversary Special ”Suga Shikao Asia Circuit 2017” in Singapore! Don’t miss Suga Shikao on 8 December 2017 at [email protected] Singapore!

About Suga Shikao

Suga Shikao made his debut in 1997 with “Hit Chart wo Kakenukeru”. His first album “Clover” – comprised of all-original songs, made it to the Top 10 of the Oricon charts. In 2011, he left his agency to pursue his career independently. He continued working, freed from the constraints of being labeled a major or an independent artiste.

In 2014, he returned to the Japanese music scene with the single “Astride/LIFE”. In 2016, he celebrated the 20 th anniversary of his debut. As part of the anniversary project, he released an original album entitled “THE LAST” – his first in six years. In June of the same year, he started the band “kokua” as their vocalist, and together they released their first album “PROGRESS”.

In 2017, he held the penultimate event of his 20 th Anniversary project with a concert at the Saitama Super Arena in May – the highly successful “SUGAFES – A Once Every 20 Years Miracle Fest”. A follow up – entitled “SUGAFES West – Suga Shikao VC kokua the Undefeatable Band” is scheduled for September this year at Osaka-jo Hall.

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Important Notice

Please note that the entering sequence to the hall will be based on the serial number allocated on your ticket. This means the earlier your purchase your ticket* the earlier you can enter the event! Ticketing starts 27 Oct 2017, 10am at APACTix!

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● Event Information
20th Anniversary Special “Suga Shikao Asia Circuit 2017” in Singapore

8 Dec 2017, Friday
Doors open 7pm, concert starts 8pm
[email protected] Singapore

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