During the “Dengeki Bunko Aki no Saiten 2017” event in Tokyo, the Sword Art Online panel made a huge announcement. The panel revealed that Reki Kawahara’s hit Sword Art Online light novels are getting a third TV anime. And as expected, this new anime will be following Sword Art Online’s longest Arc, which is Alicization. The new anime’s official title is Sword Art Online: Alicization.


The home video release for Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale previously teased the new project. The new video calls back to that teaser, and adds a few scenes from the light novels. Here is the anime’s new teaser visual:

The arc itself lasts for a whopping 11 volumes, from Volume 9, all the way to volume 19. This makes the arc longer than all of SAO’s previous story arcs combined. This also makes fans wonder if they are indeed planning to adapt it, how? Will they split it into two 25-episode seasons? Will they have one huge 50-episode season which lasts a year? Or are they just teasing and not actually planning to adapt it? The announcement certainly raised a lot of questions for fans of the series. Whatever the case, fans are already excited and for good reason.

Source: pKjd