In 1972, Tatsunoko Productions introduced us to the heroes known as Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. The group is getting a revival of sorts through the past few yeart with the live-action film, the Gatchaman CROWDS TV anime, as well as the upcoming Infiti-T Force crossover anime. However, Tatsunoko recently revealed that their official name isn’t really Gatchaman.


According to the tweet, “Gatchaman” just refers to G-1, Ken the Eagle, and not the rest of the team. The tweet further states that the rest of the team are simply called “Science Ninja Team Members”. As for their official team name, well, it’s really just “Science Ninja Team”.

The question on Gatchaman’s official team name has lingered on since 1972, which of course was when the anime first aired. Fans have questioned if they should call them “Gatchamen” as plural, or just simply “Gatchamans”. But then again, as it turns out, it’s just Ken the Eagle that’s called Gatchaman. You do learn something new everyday, huh?