Growing up in Manila, watching Voltes V every Sunday morning at 10:00 am became a habit. And now, as the classic mecha anime celebrates 40 years in the Philippines, Tokyo Gets will be holding a special event. And as this event is huge, it will include a 5K Maraton, a photo corner, booths, as well as other activities.

Tokyo Gets will be conducting the event in the country this 10th December, though they didn’t reveal much details yet. As for the marathon, those who participate will get an exclusive T-shirt, as well as other Voltes V goodies. But that’s not all! Mitsuko Horie, who performed the anime’s theme song, will also be coming to the country as a special guest.

Voltes V might just be one of the most popular anime titles in the Philippines, ever. It touched the childhood of many, including mine, and was ratings gold. In fact, its highest TV rating was 58%! The anime first premiered in the country back in 1978, and it never looked back ever since. It continued getting reruns, tagalog dubs, and re-dubs through the years, and proved it’s still very popular. Now, sing with me!

source: Anime! Anime!