Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter has now premiered not only in Japan, but also in Southeast Asia via Aniplus. However, it seems that not everyone is happy, especially WUG’s own creator, Yutaka “Yamakan” Yamamoto. In his twitter page, the former Wake Up, Girls director lashed out at the new anime, as well as the seiyuu. The most prominent of which are the ones hitting the seiyuu for what they said during a recent talk event.


It seems that the director took offense to what the cast members have recently said, particularly the ones regarding showing their underwear. Kaya Okuno (voice of Kaya Kikuma), Mayu Yoshioka (voice of Mayu Shimada), and Nanami Yamashita (voice of Nanami Hisami) recently discussed that dance scene back in 2014 where their characters showed their underwear. Here’s what they said:

Okuno: Hey, I want to know. You can’t see the characters’ underwear in the performance scene. Does that make you happy?

Everyone: (laughter)

Okuno: This comment says their are lots of people who are unhappy.

Yoshioka: They say that, but the reality is there isn’t anyone!

Okuno: It’s always been bothering me, from 4 years ago.

Yamashita: Definitely none!

This exchange obviously triggered good’ol Yamakan, who tweeted a screenshot and said that he “won’t forget this”. He also posted a few more tweets, including saying that they’ve stepped on a (figurative) landmine. He also posted a Devilman reference and said he has nothing to protect anymore.



The three seiyuu implied on the talk show that Yamakan had especially wanted to show the characters’ underwear in the anime. It would seem that they were frustrated with some of Yamakan’s decisions, but never really spoke out about it. For his part, the director had previously suggested that it was Avex Pictures’ decision to show the WUG members’ underwear.

It would also seem that Yamakan himself ain’t happy with the new anime in general. It would seem that the former WUG director has been retweeting a lot of posts from fans who weren’t satisfied with the new changes a few times already. He left the Wake Up, Girls project back in June without revealing why. However, from the tone of his tweets, it would seem that the parting wasn’t an amicable one.

Source: 0takomu