You know those giant robot battles in mecha anime like Valvrave, Knights & Magic, and of course, the Gundam franchise? Well, it’s really gonna happen in real life, and it’s happening live next week! This is because Megabots, one of the participants in this giant robot battle, has revealed new details about the fight via Facebook:

The fight will be happening in an undisclosed location on 17th October at 7:00pm PST in the USA. They will be streaming it live via Twitch before posting the fight later on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Both sides have been talking a lot of trash lately, with Suidobashi Heavy Industries saying that they will “Punch Out” their opponent. As for Megabots, they seem very confident and are beefing up their Megabots Mk. III for the duel.

But the aim of the battle ain’t just to see which robot is better, but also to sell and promote their respective companies, with Megabots aiming to sell robot kits worth US$750,000. Now, who do you think will win? The Americans and their MegaBots Mk-III? Or the Japanese and Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s Kuratas? In the words of Godzilla (2014)’s Professor Serizawa, “LET THEM FIGHT!”