It looks like Space Battleship Yamato’s original bad guy, Desler, is returning for Space Battleship Yamato 2202. The anime has released a new trailer for the fourth film, “Tenmei-hen,” and it reveals the old Garmillas leader. They also revealed a brand new visual for the upcoming fourth film featuring Desler and Susumu Koudai.

Veteran seiyuu, Kouichi Yamadera, will be voicing Desler for this new chapter in the Yamato’s saga. The fourth film opens in Japan this 27th January across 29 theaters.

The 7-part film series made its debut last February with the first film, “Koushi-hen”. It follows the story of the Yamato crew as they go on a new journey across the universe after the goddess, Teresa, summons them. However, the threat of war against the rising Gatlantis Empire and Earth’s militarization is threatening the peace.