It looks like Space Battleship Yamato’s original bad guy, Desler, is returning for Space Battleship Yamato 2202. The anime has released a new trailer for the fourth film, “Tenmei-hen,” and it reveals the old Garmillas leader. They also revealed a brand new visual for the upcoming fourth film featuring Desler and Susumu Koudai.

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Veteran seiyuu, Kouichi Yamadera, will be voicing Desler for this new chapter in the Yamato’s saga. The fourth film opens in Japan this 27th January across 29 theaters.

The 7-part film series made its debut last February with the first film, “Koushi-hen”. It follows the story of the Yamato crew as they go on a new journey across the universe after the goddess, Teresa, summons them. However, the threat of war against the rising Gatlantis Empire and Earth’s militarization is threatening the peace.