NHK’s Manga Love: Watashi no Manga Best 3 program recently featured seiyuu Aki Toyosaki as their latest guest. As the title suggests, the show’s guests talk about their three favorite manga, and Aki Toyosaki did the same. The seiyuu and newlywed revealed three manga which really moved her personally, and they are:

An Invitation by a Crab by panpanya

The K-On! seiyuu says that reading the manga gives her “feelings of fear, doubt, and anxiousness”. She also said that the manga has a surreal feeling to it, and says that reading it is “like a strange dream”. Toyosaki then added that the manga is like looking into someone else’s mind.

Phoenix by Osamu Tezuka

Like many Japanese, this Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy, Blackjack) classic inspired her during her childhood. She also admitted that she first read it in elementary school because she thought the bird on the cover was pretty. Needless to say, she found herself enjoying the manga, which also affected her during childhood.

A Perfect Day for Love Letters by George Asakura

This manga is actually her top choice, and the seiyuu said that it really moved her emotionally. She said that it was so different from all the shounen and shoujo manga she has read before. The seiyuu even described it as “something like a textbook for living”.

NHK also posted their full interview with her online via their official website.

Unfortunately, none of the manga from her anime roles made it to her Top 3. Aside from her star-making role as Yui Hirasawa from K-On, she also voiced To Love-Ru Darkness’s Momo Deviluke. Her recent roles include Re:Creators villain, Altair, as well as Scum’s Wish’s Akane Minagawa.

Source: Comic Natalie