During VAMPS’ Halloween Party 2017 concert event, the Japanese rock band, BREAKERZ, also attended. They held the event from 27th-29th October, and the band surprised people with their cosplays, particularly their Kemono Friends costumes. Band member, DAIGO, posted the pictures himself. And yes, he’s the one cosplaying as Serval, with SHINPEI as Fennec Fox and AKIHIDE as Raccoon.

The trio also cosplayed the Yorozuya trio from Gintama. As expected, DAIGO is the one cosplaying as Gintoki Sakata. Meanwhile, SHINPEI cosplayed Shinpachi, while AKIHIDE cosplayed Kagura.

The trio have been cosplaying for Halloween since last year. In fact, they cosplayed Monster Hunter for Halloween 2016.

The band has been responsible for several anime songs themselves. This includes Cardfight!! Vanguard, and of course, Detective Conan.

Source: Nijimen