During the “Eroman Fes” event over in Japan, the staff made one huge announcement regarding the anime. They revealed that in 2018, Sagiri and friends are returning as Eromanga Sensei is getting its own OVA!

Unfortunately, the staff didn’t reveal much details yet apart from the 2018 premiere. As of writing, we still don’t know if this OVA will be an original story, or if it will adapt a story from the light novels.

Based on Tsukasa Fushimi’s bestselling “sibling romantic comedy,” Eromanga Sensei follows Masamune Izumi and his sister, Sagiri. While Izumi studies in high school, he’s also working as a light novel author, as well as takes care of shut-in Sagiri. But one day, Izumi finds out that the brilliant illustrator for his novels, Eromanga Sensei, is Sagiri all along!

Series creator, Tsukasa Fushimi, is also responsible for OreImo.

Source: Eromanga Sensei Official