Fate/Extra Last Encore will be premiering next season, and they will be introducing a whole new Grail War. Now, the anime’s staff have revealed a brand new PV, introducing the new Assassin-class servant, Li Shuwen. For those unfamiliar with this Chinese Martial Artist, he’s a master of Bajiquan and even trained Mao Zedong’s bodyguards.


The Official website also revealed new details on the anime’s OP and ED theme songs. T.M. Revolution will be performing the anime’s OP song, while Sayuri performs the ED song,  “Tsuki to Hanataba”.

The staff previously confirmed that Sakura Tange will reprise her role as Saber Nero, while Atsushi Abe voices Hakuno Kishinami. Urara Takano will also reprise her role as Rider Francis Drake, and Kousuke Toriumi reprising as Archer Robin Hood as well. Ai Nonaka will also be returning from her role in the original Fate/Extra PSP game as Caster Nursery Rhyme. The anime will be making its premiere in January 2018.