Many consider the Yamanote Line as one of Japan’s most famous train lines. It goes through several key stations, including Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, and of course, Akihabara. Now, the famous train station has teamed up with Final Fantasy for a unique gaming event where players get to battle bosses along the line’s various train stations.

The collaboration features posters of some of Final Fantasy’s most iconic bosses across all 29 Yamanote stations. Participants in the event can scan the posters’ QR codes which can unlock wallpapers, background information, and more.

15 designated locations around the JR line will also have special “boss posters”. These locations will allow participants to have their characters battle these special bosses. To battle them, they can team up with others and perform ” tweet attacks”. All a player has to do is tweet their attacks on Twitter for them to register, and the combined number of tweets from other players will be tallied and damage thus registered on the boss. When you reach a certain amount of tweets, the boss goes down, which also means you guys beat him/her!

Here are a few of the posters from the various stations:

The Yamanote Line will be holding the event for a limited time, so better hurry. If you’re ever in Tokyo, make sure to beat these bosses before 27th December, so good luck!

Source: Sora News 24