Recently, Japan’s horse racing body, the Japan Racing Association (JRA), has been teaming up with lots of anime. Their latest collaboration is a bit surprising though, because now, they’re traming up with Fist of the North Star. But that’s not all, because this new collaboration has a carrot flavour, and horses love carrots.

Fist of the North Star’s “Strawberry Flavour” comedy spin-off actually inspires the collaboration’s title. It also has its own manga, which features the series’ characters in a horse race. Fans can now read the manga via the JRA’s official website.

The collaboration also features a quiz, as well as a new game. In this new game, players can pick their own character and race against the other Fist of the North Star characters. By December, the website will then continue the game and also add more characters to choose from.

Meanwhile, the Champions Cup G1 horse race will be selling special collaboration merchandise. They are also conducting plenty of prize giveaways as well. This will be happening on 3rd December, during the big race.

As for the JRA itself, they previously teamed up with Kemono Friends and Mr Osomatsu, as well as Attack on Titan.

Source: JRA official