During the Paris Games Week event in France, Sony has revealed that Monster Hunter World will have a surprising new addition. This is because the latest addition in the Monster Hunter franchise will be crossing over with Horizon: Zero Dawn. This includes the option for players to dress up their character as Aloy, as well as equip her bow.

According to the event, equipping the full armor set will have female characters look completely like Aloy. This even includes her facial features from the Horizon: Zero Dawn game itself. The crossover will include a Palico Armor which makes your Palico companion look like one of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s machines. However, Aloy’s inclusion, as well as the Palico armor, will only be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Aside from the crossover, Capcom also revealed new details on Monster Hunter World’s beta release. They will kick off the beta on 9th December and will last for three days. However, it will only be available for PlayStation Plus members. As for the general release, Capcom will be releasing the game for the PlayStation 4 on 26th January.

Source: IGN