You’ve heard of a car wash, but have you ever heard of a tank wash? Well, as Girls und Panzer celebrates its 5th anniversary, it released a new video which features girls and a tank. Why? Because it’s Girls und Panzer, that’s why! Titled “Sen-Sha,” the dance video plays on the Japanese terms for tank and car wash, which sound the same.

Tanks really become dirty after all those battles, huh?! The video features five dancers washing the Angler Fish Team’s Panzer IV tank. New Zealand-based special effects and prop company, Weta Workshop, produced the prop tank for the video. And speaking of Girls und Panzer, pro wrestler and Garupan ambassador, Masahiro Chouno, also makes an appearance. They also released a separate “Making of” video as well.

This all promotes the anime’s ongoing 6-part Girls und Panzer das Finale film series. The first part will be making its Japanese premiere this 9th December.