After a few weeks of teasing, Granblue Fantasy has finally revealed that they are teaming up with Attack on Titan. The hit mobile game revealed on twitter the Granblue Fantasy version for Mikasa Ackerman. The twitter page said that on certain conditions, she will be helping put your party in the game.

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Back in 3rd November, Granblue also teased another member of the Survey Corps to join the game. They hinted that he’s “Humanity’s strongest bowl-cut”. Now, whoever could he be? Hmmmmmmmmmmm…

But despite all the teasing, the game’s staff still haven’t revealed much details for the collaboration yet. Looks like we may have to wait a bit more for further details. So, will we get to fight titans? Will we get Mikasa and Levi whoever that silhouette is as characters? Looks like we may find out soon enough, so stay tuned.