Sankaku Head’s Himouto! Umaru-chan manga finally ended with its final chapter within the pages of Weekly Young Jump magazine. And with the manga’s end, mangaka Sankaku Head posted a thank you tweet to all the fans for their support.

However, the mangaka also revealed in his tweet that Umaru will be back! After thanking the fans, Sankaku Head said that “Umaru will move to her new stage”. He then revealed that Umaru will return in his new upcoming manga, Himouto! Umaru-chan G. He also revealed a new visual for the manga, which will make its debut inside the 53rd issue of Weekly Young Jump magazine on 30th November.

In a separate tweet, the mangaka said that he has drawn an ending he wanted for the manga. He has already decided how he wanted the manga to end prior. However, because of the nature of the manga industry, such endings are rare. The fact that he got to do an ending that he wanted made him very happy. But then again, Umaru will be back, so we better prepare for her return. The second season of the TV anime adaptation is currently airing as part of the autumn 2017 season.