Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we may be getting more live-action Gintama. An advance look at the next issue of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine has revealed one major announcement regarding the movie. According to the advance look, the live-action adaptation will also be getting a sequel. Director Yuuichi Fukuda and actor Shun Oguri also confirmed the sequel during an event.

However, they didn’t reveal much information about this live-action sequel yet. But they did reveal that it will be tentatively titled “Gintama Part 2”. They also announced that the film will premiere by summer vacation 2018.

Shun Oguri stars as Gintoki Sakata in the live-action film adaptation. It also stars Masaki Suda as Kinpachi Shimura, as well as Kanna Hashimoto as Kagura. It premiered back in Japan last 14th July and even topped the Japanese box office. With this sequel, it looks like the Japanese liked it so much that they wanted more, huh?

Source: Nijimen