Before Fate/Grand Order, Love Live! School Idol Project dominated the anime-based smartphone games in Japan. Now, as the app celebrates its 5th anniversary, they are holding their 5th general elections! Players and fans can choose between the members of the game’s three groups, namely μ’s, AQOURS, and the game-only Appreciation Club.

The poll will determine the representative for each of these three groups. The Love Live! School Idol Festival Thanksgiving 2018 event will then feature the winners for each group in special merchandise and other goodies.

However, the staff haven’t opened the polls yet. The official website will be hosting the online general elections starting 16th November. So, which group is your favorite? Is it the original muses from μ’s, or the lovable AQOURS? How about the Idol Appreciation Club? Who is your favorite idol overall? Looks like we may be finding out the winner soon enough.

Source: School Idol Festival official