It looks like the adventure continues as Rico, Reg, and Nanachi are back! This is because during the Made in Abyss event, “Deep in Abyss Katari”, the staff revealed a brand new PV. This new PV features a few familiar scenes, as well as announces a second season for Made in Abyss.

The new anime will pick up where the first anime left off, and it looks like the gang will run into one of Nanachi’s old tormentors. The new PV also features the brutal White Whistle, Bondrewd, who turned Nanachi and Mitty into Hollows. The child experimentation-obsessed White Whistle will be heading into a collision course with Rico and the gang for the new season.

Considered summer 2017’s surprising breakout anime, Made in Abyss impressed both critics and fans. The anime follows a little girl named Rico, who is searching for her long-lost mother in the depths of the abyss. One day, she finds a robot boy named Reg, and together, they head out to begin their adventure. Oh, and along the way, they meet Nanachi too!

Source: Made in Abyss official twitter