The “Exhibition of Shinkai Makoto” celebrates the career of the renowned anime director. Recently, as the the exhibition is about to open, Shinkai appeared alongside Ryunosuke Kamiki for a private viewing with the press. There, he talked about the exhibit and praised the exhibition, which takes a look at his 15-year career. Of course, since the press was there, they also asked him about his thoughts on the new Hollywood your name adaptation.

“People often compare their creation to their child, but I’m not much interested in how my child would be treated,” Shinkai said honestly. However, the director does admit that he’s looking forward to see how the film goes. He then added:

“I also think how it will grow is up to himself  (the Hollywood version) because it has already left my hand.”

JJ Abrams, together with his Bad Robot productions, and Paramount Pictures will be working on this new film. And yes folks, do expect some Lens Flares on this one… because JJ Abrams. The Batman V Superman director himself will serve as the film’s producer, together with Lindsey Weber and the original film’s producer, Genki Kawahara. Meanwhile, Eric Heisserer, who got an Oscar nomination for his work on Arrival, is penning the script.

As for the exhibition itself, the National Art Center in Tokyo will be running it until 8th December. It features all of his great works, from Voices from a Distant Star to your name.

Source: Oricon News