Back in 1986, legendary mangaka, Masami Kurumada, introduced us to Saint Seiya. Now, more than three decades later, he is returning to the franchise once again, and this time, to do a prequel! He also revealed a teaser visual for this upcoming manga:

Monthly Champion RED magazine’s January 2018 issue has revealed that Kuromada will return with Saint Seiya Zero. This prequel manga will debut in the magazine’s February 2018 edition, which will get its release on 19th December. The announcement comes after Kuromada himself teased a “surprising new project” earlier.

According to the magazine, Saint Seiya Zero will follow Gold Saint Sagittarius Aiolos. In the story, he tries to protect a baby Athena from forces seeking to use her power. The new manga will still feature Kuromada’s distinct art style, which made us fall in love with Saint Seiya 30 years ago.

Source: Comic Natalie